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Links With Your Coffee - Weekend

Coffee Cup

The Madoff affair, as you may know, was a classic case of "affinity fraud"; Madoff was able to gain the trust of wealthy Jews by persuading them that he was their kind of guy. Affinity fraud lies behind a lot of financial scams -- and it lies behind a lot of political scams too.

Gods Power

There seems to be no end to the questionable tactics of CAM promoters. The one thing they do not have on their side is the science. Two decades ago, when they really started clamoring for legitimacy, their frequent cry was that all they wanted was a fair chance to prove that their modalities worked. They claimed that treatments like acupuncture and homeopathy were simply not studied, and once they were properly studied the world would see how effective they were.



"Friday Quickes" I WAS disappointed! I read it as 'Friday Quiches' and was expecting a cheese and bacon flan.

This is the 'quickie' that came mind for me.


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