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What's Science Up To?



Isn't it crystal clear how the infamous global warming 'hockey stick' - confirmed now by 4 different research groups and most recently by a group including erstwhile "skeptic" Richard Muller - it just the result of a massive conspiracy amongst grant grubbing scientists! (BTW - "heat islands" are horseshit.) And you can see how it happens; it's that fetish with amassing data instead of listening to genius Republican strategists' common sense.

Judith Curry puts her name on a paper and then tries to frag her co-investigator? And she's already walking back her statements to the Daily Mail as well. (Besides which, as Andyo put it so well before: (1) It's the Daily Mail, (2) It's the Daily Mail, (3) It's the Daily Mail.)

Curry is a joke.

When you have inherently noisy data that stretches back as far as their data does, why would you ever even bother to begin talking about recent "start dates" at all? The usefulness of the data is greatest when viewed over the longest time period. It is just stupid to cherry pick a short interval and make a statement about how the strongly determined longer term trend is somehow in doubt.

The stupidity of doing this is compounded by considering the temperature data in the context of the heat evidence. The freaking arctic is melting for God’s sake … and the rate of melting is clearly accelerating. Direct evidence for the attenuation of earth’s emitted radiation at wavelengths at which CO₂ absorption occurs has been observed – so the mechanism whereby the earth is warming is directly supported. (A mechanism, BTW, that has been understood since Arrhenius - though apparently not by you.) Again, why offer up a statistically meaningless short-term-based contradiction of the the clear longer-term trend that Curry's and coworkers own data is screaming that also contradicts of what other extremely relevant data is screaming? It is pathetic. But then, for a guy who knows as little about the subject as you do to continue your febble denial is pathetic as well.

Have you noticed that Syngas never discusses this topic. He just posts a hypertext to some silly article from some tabloid. The hypertext he uses is usually one word, such as "doh". It's rather tiresome. If he's not willing to discuss the topic, then if I were you, I wouldn't waste your time on him.

Yeah, it is pretty much just trolling on his part. The recent report by the Berkeley group (funded by the Koch brothers!) totally vindicates the the Hadley-CRU group and hence trashes the entire "climategate" pseudo-scandal. Syngas's entire grant-grubbing conspiracy theory is explicitly made as irrelevant as it already was implausible. And what's his reaction? A Daily Mail link. Like I said: pathetic.


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