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What are the Odds?

Today Gail and I birded Antelope Island. On our way in across the causeway we stopped to see if the Harlequin Duck was still there, it was. On our way back a few hours later we stopped again but this time there were two. There have only been a half dozen or so confirmed sightings of Harlequin Ducks in Utah in the past 20 years, all single sightings as far as I know, and now we have two within a month.




I don't know much about ducks (or birds generally), but I'd guess that since you went back to the same place and there's a pair of them (nesting?), the odds aren't as long as one might otherwise think.

I'm not that knowledgeable either, but breeding season is April through May so they wouldn't be nesting here but rather overwintering.


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