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Rick Perry - Amazing Candidate

This is the Republican candidate I would most like to see.



Dare I ask which Democrat candidate you'd most like to see?

Barack Hussein Obama certainly trumps the Republican chimps that they have rolled out thus far. The only Republican who seems remotely intelligent is Romney and I doubt the Mormon thing will go over with most Jesus freaks. Mormons definitely creep me out, even more than most religious folks.

I'd love to see Obama start acting like a liberal for a change. He can start by ending the two pointless wars.

Yay for the mormons! Huntsman believes in evolution. Who cares what crazy crap he believes in otherwise. The bar is that low.

It shouldn't matter which religion a presidential candidate subscribes to. The problem arises with theocracy, and the notion that the government should be used to enforce ones religion and 'morality' on the rest of us. Trouble these days, is that the evangelical zealots are hellbent on doing just that. One might hope that the LDS church, having suffered so much in the early days from religious intolerance, would be more circumspect. I thus figured that Mormons might be better than evangelicals in keeping the church out of what ought be a secular government. Unfortunately, the church's behavior during the prop 8 (gay marriage) election in California sadly proved me wrong, as stake after stake were mobilized against the proposition.

Perhaps we oughta have a rule that only Atheists may run for President.

I certainly agree that Huntsman seems much more appealing than Romney. I loved his "Call me crazy, but I believe in Science" comment. And, lest we tar all with the same brush, there are a lot of 'cultural' Mormons, who identify with family history and many of the churches values, but don't give a whit about a temple recommend.

With reference to those wars, I fear that when we bring our troops home, we will wash our hands of all the damage we've done to those brave men and women, and will instead continue to ignore the tragic impact on they and their families from lifelong PTSD and physical injury. Our "job creating" class, that the Republicans are so keen to protect, aren't hiring Vets either.

Our "job creating" class, that the Republicans are so keen to protect, aren't hiring Vets either.

Speaking of "religions", the religion of unlimited inequality is starting to challenge creationism and climate change denial as the most empirically stupid line of bullshit in America. Median household incomes have fallen a cumulative total of 10% since December 2007 and Wall Street profits are doing just fine, thank you. Hiring people is easier than ever now, so the wealthy will surely be "job creating" like crazy any day now, right?


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