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End O'Potamia



Are comments working?

Sadly, the only war John McCain didn't like was the one he fought. Now if only we can find another 40,000 jobs for those Iraq War vets. I'm so glad they are coming home now. There will be a lot of happy military families this Christmas.

I sign in to Movable type, but 1gm no longer acknowledges it and I get the "this goes to moderator" bit.

My comment s always get flagged with "these go to blog owner" now, despite my having logged in to Movable type.

Commenting here is now problematic. I signed in to Movable type (it thanks me for having signed in). I try to comment here and I get the "your comments have gone to the blog owner" response - and my commnet never appears. So I just went to the Forum and left a test comment, and it accepted it. In the Forum I can never directly sign in to Movable type, but instead have always had to come to the blog to sign in and then I can return to the Forum to comment.

I think comments might be working again.

I've made some further adjustments that should help.

What has been happening is that they are triggering spam software and getting sent straight to spam. It took me a couple of days to figure that out, at least now I can find them and approve them, but I'm hopeful that the adjustments I made will eliminate the problem.

I'm sure you'll all let me know.

By the way my comments make it through without the dreaded, the blog king owns your comments.

Hi blog king. Let's see if ya own this one.

Oh my! Comments WORK NOW!! Thanks Norm. Morning coffee is sweeter with comments as well as links...

I actually got the tingles (not the tinkles) when I heard a friend read the news from his Blackberry that we were finally getting the of Iraq.

You may want to try blogger. It is cheap and very easy to use.

Hmmm... Oh my! Indeed... Such depth of conversation takes my breath away.


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