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Links With Your Coffee - Weekend



Re: neutrinos.

Sean Carroll's take

Phil Plait's take

My humble opinion is that instead of muon neutrinos being able to travel faster than light, it would be more awesome if it was evidence of extra dimensions, or even wormholes.

re: Religion bill board. OMG. Now that is funny.

re: Santa video. Wow. That was one scary potty-mouthed kid. Tarantino for sure.

re: Law breaking particle. I expect it was a teenager particle. I just recently took Granddaughter for driving practice on our mountain roads. She's mastered the old tractor, I figured she was ready for the truck. Preceding every hairpin curve, I said (calmly but tensely), "Curve coming up Dear, Slow down BEFORE a curve." She said, "yea right, then, tires squealing through the turn, got her foot off the accelerator AFTER she was back on straight road." Yea, the naughty particle at CERN must have been a teenager.

Religeous penis reminds me of this great comic from Jesus and Mo comparing religion to horse porn.


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