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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday


Susan Greenfield (#Greenfieldism) is being justly currently mocked to the death on the twitterverse for voicing possible connections between autism and the rise in internet use.

  • The Scam Scam

  • [Keep your politics out of our classrooms, Mr Nile


Your views are out of step with modern society, so I would ask you to reconsider your actions and continue to allow parents and children a choice in their classrooms



Hillary would probably have been just much of a "triangulator" and lacking in convictions as Obama, but in one respect they're almost certainly right: she would have been tougher. He has never understood the depths to which the GOP will go and has proven himself incapable of putting up a fight.

They might have hated her a little bit less, that would have given her an advantage over Obama. Obama is sorta stuck in the box were republicans have a base crazed at the idea of him being president and therefore consider blocking everything a mission from god.

But yeah, the Clinton's passed NAFTA as a gift to business and republicans in hopes that they would return the favor and pass healthcare. That went badly. Its not like after that there is some evidence of a wining Clinton strategy.

Adam and Eve is a crisis for faith? What are these morons, six years old? Oh no, say it ain't so! There's no Santa Claus?!

How did these morons survive the invention of flight and the first time people flew over a cloud and didn't see angels playing harps.

I guess it's better an "Adam and Eve" crisis, rather than a "Father Adam and little Steve" crisis.

I don't know how many readers here bothered to go down the list of comments, but it seemed to me a lot like atheists arguing about how many angels couldn't dance on the head of a pin. Self-indulgent, pretentious B**t.

If only the Adam and Eve saga was as benign as Santa Claus. Instead this Garden of Eden tale has formed the primary justification for subjugation of women in every culture and religion born of Abraham.

When asking why childbirth is so pain-filled, we were told it was punishment for Eve's transgressions. 'Tis straight from this Garden of Eden tale that women and girls are swathed head to toe in burkas lest they otherwise be responsible for men's lack of self control. Eve's daughters are temptresses all. 'Rape? Naw, she asked for it...' Women must be subjugated because we all know, Eve couldn't be trusted to do the right thing and just obey God's orders.

I'm reckoning that what really happened, is that Eve handed the boy an apple, cuz she knew it would be good for him. Indolent Adam, - too lazy to bother to question authority, perhaps due to the excessive number of burgers, fries and soft drinks he consumed instead.

It's good to know what really happened :)

What I find most troubling about the A&E story is that the apple is supposed to represent knowledge.

At the same time the bible is saying god gave us this great gift of free will, its also saying that if we pursue knowledge and make your own decisions about temptations you are a bad person.

The Devil in this instance seems to be a teacher encouraging A&E to think for themselves. And that is the greatest sin of all?

I think its perhaps the most evil story in the bible.

re: GMO stats. "I point to the increase of interest in zombies and the rise of creationism." - good

Greenfieldism is one of those clear instances where ridicule is more effective than engaging with such nonsense. Especially when it comes from a figure of authority.


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