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Good news, everyone!

As if you needed more proof that the end is nigh... Family Guy creator produces Cosmos reboot on...

wait for it...


"Cosmos" finally announced. It's an honor and a thrill to work with Ann Druyan, Steven Soter, and @neiltyson.Fri Aug 05 06:01:45 via Echofon

NY Times Article

Should look something like this:



My fav. Evolution/Creation cartoon is a Frank and Ernie episode from the 70s. Frank and Ernie are sitting on the park bench. One turns to the other and says, "I'm sorta inclined to accept evolution. I don't see why we should blame God for everything!" Another episode has God looking down on Earth, a helper Angel saying "Bad news. The meek are contesting the will."

We liked Carl Sagan, and I like Tyson too. I thought it very cute how bemused he was by all the hate mail from 8 year olds he received after NASA downgraded Pluto from planet status.

I wish Fox never existed. I am seriously ticked off at Murdoch. The coarsening of discourse, thought and focus his media empire has imposed on the public airways is bad for the country. His nurturing of the Tea Party has spawned a bad business.

I am seriously ticked off at Murdoch.

Methinks you have a gift for understatement.

It's bizarre, the Fox network (the over-the-air channel) is responsible for some of the best and "risky" scripted shows on network TV in recent memory. Arrested Development, House, Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy... A. Development is the most perfect comedy I've seen. I've rewatched it like 4 times already. It's smart, kinda subtly subversive, makes fun of all the right targets, it's completely opposite of what you'd expect from a Fox channel.

Note that Catholics accept the theory of evolution.

Not sure about Jews though. Jonathan Becker is a liberal Jew, and he made clear to me that he finds the theory of evolution to be faulty.

He "finds the theory of evolution to be faulty"? How so?

Does anyone understand what he actually believes? (I'm not kidding.) Most of the time the conversation gets serious he says he's joking.

re: Andyo and Arrested Development

yea, that was great. We saw it on reruns just last year. But you know, much as I liked that show, it ain't enough to compensate.

re: Jo Ann, Catholics & evolution

quite true. Indeed, we were at the Vatican for the big announcement by the Pope that Evolution was consistent with the Teachings of the Church. The fancy dinner at the Vatican conference was quite odd. Of course the gardens and banquet room were spectacular, but the dinner company was half these old fat guys in their fancy Bishop and Cardinal gowns, and a bunch of long haired NASA and Academia scientists in their khakis and sandals. You could tell the old church guys attended only cuz they were told to. You could tell the scientists were trying sort of kinda to be polite but were pretty much all still pissed off at the Church for what they did to Galileo.

You were there?

I remember Hawking writing (I imagine him annoyed) about the pope in A Brief History of Time, where the vatican invited top scientists and after the conference or whatever, he told them that up to the big bang it was OK for them to investigate, but the big bang itself was off-limits cause it was the moment of creation and that's god's thing.

The conference we attended was Oct 23 1996 - the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican under Pope John Paul II. Hawkins wasn't there. There have since been several other conferences on Evolution, both at the Vatican and the Pope's summer palace, as the churches position about Darwin evolves (albeit glacially). I think Hawkins' reference was to a later conference (perhaps 2008?). There's a copy of the Pope's announcement at the '96 conference we attended at :

Hawking + Dawkins = Hawkins?

No, it was before that, it says 1981 in the book, which was published first in 1988.

It has been evident since almost the big bang itself that the Catholic Church has several loose screws when it comes to any kind of baging and the moment of creation.

grrr... any kind banging... that is.

I wish we could edit, oh how I wish we could edit.


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