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The Infinite Monkey Cage: Science vs. the Supernatural

Science V The Supernatural: Does Science Kill the Magic? Robin Ince and Brian Cox are joined on stage by actor and magician Andy Nyman, psychologist Richard Wiseman and neuroscientist Bruce Hood as they take on the paranormal. They'll be looking at some of the more popular claims of supernatural goings on, and asking whether a belief in ghosts, psychic abilities and other other-worldly phenomena, is just a bit of harmless fun, or whether there are more worrying implications in a belief in the paranormal.

Says Brian Cox about this episode:

Just heard we got complaints about @themonkeycage - lack of BBC balance about ghosts - there are some utter nobbers out there !Tue Jul 05 14:23:33 via TweetDeck

Me says: I totally fell for that experiment at about 14 min, but in the opposite way. I guess I'm just a contrarian. Try it out!



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