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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday


It's not GM so it's acceptable to the organic folks.

*Insist on using octopodes, and you have a fair chance of getting a star on the Pedants’ Walk of Fame.

It's as if NASA had stopped the countdown for the space shuttle launch, pulled some guy off the street and asked him if he wanted to drive.



re: worlds most perfect orange...

Well, guess perfection, like love, is in the eye of the beholder. If, I suppose, you want sweet instead of citrus flavor, and thin skin instead of zest rich in oil of orange, then the chemists at UC Riverside might have just the thing for ya.

On the other hand, mutagenics via radiation and noxious chemicals is no more Organic, seems to me, than EPA raising the allowable herbicide residue in sugar beets to open that market for GE herbicide risistant beet seed is Sensible.

It's like that "tin ear" and "no palate for fine wine" discussion last week. There so many many flavors in the natural food world. But our manufactured food product folks get their needle stuck in sweet and think that's all there is. Then they do everything they can to dumb down the palates of the world by offering them only sweet, and everything they can to control distribution channels to discourage production of and exposure to alternate varieties.

That said, I admit I don't have a big dog in an Orange fight. When we drink juice, it's usually tomato or apple juice we can produce ourselves. Mostly when I buy citrus it's for the peel. A Pomolo or two or a few Blood Oranges when they're in season are a nice treat.

Still, the quest for artificially inducing Mutants in a laboratory does rather smack of the Bad Zombie and Mad Scientist movie genre.... I mean, are there really no better things to do?

re: GOP and Debt Ceiling

As I recall, the Tea Party was the invention of Master Murdoch over at Fox News.

Manufacturing controversy for the masses, while preaching the unfettered unregulated capitalism and monopoly by which concentrated wealth is created, and then using the power that wealth purchases, to manipulate a media-rich but increasingly stratified society.

I read that the Washington Post family is now embarrassed at selling out the WSJ. OK, Good to hear that. Bit late don't ya think?

The chickens come home to roost. Ignorance and obfuscation of fact,combined with extremist rhetoric sells papers as they say. But in State House after State House, and now in Congress, the good of the country is risked for want of good judgement.

Just about everyone's having a go at the GOP over their national-debt political gamesmanship. Even The Economist used language like "disgraceful" and "economically illiterate", fairly strong by their standards.

Boehner is a completely gutless Speaker. He knows damn well that even in the GOP the tea-partiers are a minority. He can get at least 2/3rds of what he wants from Obama the Compromiser and do a deal that will get enough Democrat votes to pass easily - leaving the TP's out in the cold.


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