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Comedy Quickies

Really? The Big Bang? RT @deepakchopra: Love is not a mere sentiment or emotion. It is the ultimate truth at the heart of creation.Sun Jul 10 01:07:39 via HootSuite



That was awesome. Thanks for the laugh!

After science, a snarky comedian is the next best thing to put things back into perspective.

i think it's the other way around- science is an outgrowth of comedy. i still think that you guys think you're the first people in history to say " oh, a talking snake? really? " or " so you think you have free will? let me disabuse you of this foolish notion with these handy thumbscrews i picked up at home depot for $5.99!" . :)

uhm, what? I am afraid you have your weapons flipped around, Atheists use, Humor, condescension, science, and a touch of reason. Thumb screws are for the religious folks, along with the wing nuts.

Cream Cakes? I suppose I wouldn't be lactose intolerant in heaven.


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