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Armadebtdon 2011 - Republicans Think Obama Is Obsessed

Rather than negotiating on the debt crisis, Republicans accuse Barack Obama of being obsessed with taxing "job creators," formerly known as "rich people."



Current reality, formerly known as fairy tails and lies.

Flying monkeys have tails, fairies don't.

Well, some fairies have tails

Burn the heretics!

And here I thought fairies weren't worth paying attention to.

You haven't been watching True Blood.

Norm's Random Quote machine generated an apropos commentary today.

"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people are so full of doubt.—Bertrand Russell

I'd just been thinking, why do the Dems always have to be the grown ups in the room, and the Republicans can just be as obdurant as they want?

I'm actually quite worried that the fanatics in the House will drive us into another global Depression.

Also, what's with this means testing on Medicare idea? That will make it just another health program for the 'undeserving poor'.

Why can't the mean's testing issue be resolved on the other end, by not capping Medicare and Social Security deductions at the first $60K of income (or whatever the cap is now)? I could never figure out why the pay-in should be capped in the first place. If they did away with that, then both Social Security and Medicare would get more payroll tax paid in, which then allows the programs to stay solvent for everybody, and keeps the support for the programs universal.

The cap on taxed Social Security income was $110,000 in 2010. There is no cap on Medicare, and I don't think there ever has been.

Since there is a cap on pay out for Social Security by the government, there is a cap on pay in by the taxpayers. The phoniness of the Social Security debate is this: when the payroll tax was increased back in the '80's it was supposed to 'fix' the demographic problems in the system, assuming that the rest of the shortfall would be made up by overall economic growth. That growth did occur. There is not much of a problem with Social Security that requires a 'fix' at all. Until they threw in a small sop to lower income earners and lowered the payroll tax a bit when the retained the huge Bush tax cuts for the rich last year, Social Security was still running small surpluses. As for the long term problem: What no one in government will say (outside Bernie Sanders) is that 80% the income growth accruing from our economic growth went to the people in the top 1% of households and the other 20% went to the next 4%. The only way that the economic growth that was supposed to take care of the aging baby boomers' Social Security could do that is if the amount of payroll tax brought had risen as fast as GDP rose. But wages up to the 95% of incomes didn't rise, so the numbers don't add up because all the people below the cap are further below the cap than they would have been if growth had preserved the same distribution of income.

Tim - thanks for the correction. I guess I was recalling the cap on Social Security deductions, and assumed it was for both Social Security and Medicare. Perhaps we oughta bring back Sarah's 'death panels'. Heck, bet we could close the whole damn deficit gap just with what we taxpayers have spent to keep old Veep Cheney's heart a tickin'. Lotta good that's done for us.

If Democrats represented the middle class anymore (Obama is raking in Wall Street contributions as I write this), this 'job creators' horseshit would be great to run against: When Saint Ronnie turned America into a shining city on a hill, the 'job creators' in the top 1% of household pulled down about 8% of all income - that's tripled since Saint Ronnie took office. How come they aren't creating 3 times as many jobs?

BTW, and off comment,

Huffington Post has some grand photos of the Space Shuttle's last landing.

We drove down to see one of the shuttle landings when the kids were young. It was really thrilling. Hundreds of people were out lining the runway and scanning the skies until it appeared, but a speck in the sky. The Air force had their big hangers open, so after the Shuttle landed, we could walk about and see all the jets and stuff. SUPERMAN was there, the kids went and got his autograph for me. The whole deal was so cool.

And now the USA is basically no longer a nation capable of manned spaceflight. Sad.

Damn! No more manned space flight, nor any wommaned (or is it womaned?) space flight. Damn. Well, at least we still have some heretical fairies here and there.

Sally Ride, the last of the womanized space flights? Or was there some other female after her? If there was, quick place a burka over this kind of uppity female. quick.

About 52, including a couple who were killed in space.

As it happens, women make great astronauts. As soon as we got over the notion that macho aggression was the same as courage, then it became obvious that the smaller size of female astronauts fit much better into the tight living quarters on ships and station.

It's hard to think about Federal funding for Research when so many folks don't know how they can meet their mortgage payments, or are already crammed into their parents homes after theirs were foreclosed, but I don't know how we solve the problems of the future, without the kind of R&D that offers scientific understanding of earth, weather and space. The notion that we can rely on private industry to pursue this understanding is so short sighted. Industry must, of necessity, focus on the "D" part of R&D. "What's the product gonna be, and when can we start sellin' it", is always the question industry must ask first of it's R&D efforts. So I'm missing the vision of "boldly going where none has gone before", and I'm sad to see the Space shuttles earthbound forevermore, before we have any newer, younger, better, faster, smarter alternatives setting impatiently on the runway chafing at the bit to take over.

As usual, politicians from both (nay, all) camps cannot see the woods for the trees. The current economic crisis has been created by the confidence of the MASSIVE baby boomers sector of the world population exiting their maximum spending zone. Without 'divine' intervention the globe is plunging headlong into a 12 year 'mother' of all depressions. Austerity measures of any kind are not, repeat NOT the answer. They will only serve to exacerbate an already bleak and dismal situation. Encouragement on spending of truly biblical proportions is our only savior. But who, or what can make that happen?


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