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Links With Your Coffee - Monday


One of my favourite questions relating to evolution is ‘Why are there no insects in the sea?’ Arthropods came onto the land around 380 MY ago, and crustaceans and insects separated soon afterwards, probably because of that ecological shift. More or less, you get crustaceans in the sea, and insects on land. So why didn’t the insects go back into the sea? It’s very hard to be certain of the answer to this – doing an experiment would be pretty tricky, after all. But we can get towards what might be the answer by thinking about some of the possible answers we might give:

We are getting into very risky territory," said Christiana Figueres, head of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, last week.

But she acknowledged that we may have to go there anyway.

She was talking about geo-engineering, the manipulation of the world's climate to avoid catastrophic warming.



Fareed Zakaria's piece is really excellent - no name calling, no anger, but a devastating indictment of modern conservatism nevertheless. What worries me is that the oligarchy's use of propaganda is now so pervasive and their corruption so deep that even such a dispassionate and irrefutable case will simply be ignored.


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