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Links With Your Coffee - Monday





Of course it was beansprouts!

For those who love their sprouts...

  1. Prior to sprouting, immerse the seed/bean in water at a temperature of 135 degrees for 5 minutes. (longer than 5 minutes will reduce germination rates).

  2. Use impeccable hygiene. Wash your bean sprout bottle (I use a glass mason jar), or your sprouter in the dishwasher before use.

  3. If you handle the sprouts while rinsing them in warm water each day, use those disposable latex gloves. They come in boxes at Costco and are very cheap. Else, rinse the sprouts without touching them (preferred method).

  4. If you use well water, you should be getting it tested every year.

If you are still concerned, do as the Chinese do, and drop the finished sprouts in boiling water, then drain and immediately plunge them in ice water to stop the cooking and crisp them up again.

ALWAYS wash produce, whether it be Organic or Conventional.

ALWAYS wash produce, whether it be Organic or Conventional.

Hear, hear!

much too controversial, can't hack it, ears/eyes.


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