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Not a Backyard Bird Yet

But I hold out hope I'll soon get a visit from this beauty. This is the Western Tanager it was the the Great Salt Lake Festival bird this year, though during the festival it made itself rare, I believe no one had even seen one until the second day of the festival. Now they are everywhere, well not in my backyard yet, but most everywhere else. We birded the Provo Airport Dike over the holiday weekend and saw hundreds of them. Today Gail and I birded Goshen Canyon looking for a Yellow-breasted Chat, we found one and will now add it to our life bird list, but I got a photo of a Western Tanager that really highlights what a beautiful bird it is and wanted to share so here you go first the Chat, and then the Tanager.






The photo of the Tanager is particularly nice, Norm! What a beautiful bird.

Nice pics, but you can really tell the difference between lens quality here! Was the first one cropped from near the edge of the picture?



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