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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday

Coffee Cup

Christoper Hitchens has written a beautiful essay.

Until cancer attacked his vocal cords, the author didn’t fully appreciate what was meant by “a writer’s voice,” or the essential link between speech and prose. As a man who loved to talk, he turns to the masters of such conversation, both in history and in his own circle.

Under the agreement, species that the department has already deemed to be at potential risk but whose status remains in limbo, including the New England cottontail and the greater sage grouse of the West, will take priority in the Fish and Wildlife Service workload.



The post by Coyne on altruism is very informative, thanks, Norm.

I liked it too. It clarified a few concepts for me.

The Hitchens essay was heartbreaking - a struggle to read aloud to my wife.

"Cognitive Traps" - this reminded me a lot of a book I read many years ago called "Pitfalls in Human Research" by T X Barber. I learned a lot (I hope) from that and this summary of Palmieri's book seems to cover the same sort of ground for Medicine that Barber's did for Social Psychology, way back when.


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