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Links With Your Coffee - Weekend Edition

Coffee Cup

City dwelling birds have larger brains relative to their body size, according to scientists.

They have found that family traits are key to identifying why certain birds thrive in European cities.

"Urban adapters" including tits, crows, nuthatches and wrens all come from families of related species that have large brains compared to their bodies.

Scientists suggest that larger brains make birds more adaptable to the changeable conditions of city living.

Hmmm, so does it follow that humans who live in cities have "larger brains relative to their body size?"

And finally a happy birthday to my sister, Janna.



re: larger brained urban birds.

maybe it's cuz those city birds are all couch potatoes, and it's their lack of fresh air and exercise has made them all fat heads.

btw, happy birthday Janna.

Happy birthday, Janna. (Here's hoping your middle name isn't Jane.)


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