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Immigrants For Sale



Corporations have solved the problem of hiring illegal immigrants that might get them in trouble with the government. Now they simply hire refugees.

I found it interesting that here in Kansas we have a lot of Somali refugees working in the meat packing plants. Over in Missouri I found a lot of Somali refugees working in the chicken processing plants. Cheap labor, plus the corporations get tax breaks. Refugees don't unionize and they are completely legal to hire.

So move over illegal immigrants, the corporations have found something better, and more profitable. Where are these refugees going to go, back to Somali where they have to worry about being victims of genocide?

And why do the rednecks of Kansas and Missouri not have a problem with this? Why, it because of ... EVOLUTION ... splutter ... and ABORTION, ya baby killer!

But thank god your Republican state congressman is going to fight Roe v Wade with every fiber of his being, eh?

Of course, he pledged to oppose business regulations so naturally he'll support more regulations on abortion and health care.

You know a fundy is lying when his lips are moving.


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