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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday

Coffee Cup

Now that's funny!

  • Why Rush Limbaugh Hates Liberals

  • A Skeptic In Oz

    . . .But enough about the process--let's get to the meat of our discussion. I knew that no matter what happened on the show, I would have the opportunity to give my unfettered analysis here at SBM--so here it is. I knew going in that the biggest challenge would be the way in which Dr. Oz framed the debate, and right at the beginning this was evident. The name of the segment was "Why your doctor is afraid of alternative health."

David Gorski has already pointed out the obvious - we are not afraid of anything. Dr. Oz tried to make it seem as though doctors are afraid of the controversy, because it will result in professional criticism. He accused me (he spent a lot of time arguing against straw men of his own creation) of not wanting to discuss so-called alternative medicine, either professionally or with my patients. . .



Was the "Why Rush Limbaugh Hates Liberals" link supposed to be to this YouTube video? It reminded me a bit of I Fucked Ann Coulter in the Ass, hard.


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