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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday

Coffee Cup

(tip to Pedantsareus)

As everyone knows, the English subordinator that can often be omitted when it introduces a complement clause ("I think (that) your plan goes too far") and also when it introduces a relative clause ("This is the one (that) I want"). And my intuition tells me that omitting that is a bit more informal than including it.

So I was a bit suprised to find that when President Obama gives speeches, he tends to add that in places where his text "as prepared for delivery" leaves it out.

  • Google is celebrating Audubon's Birthday, google something and check it out.



Thanks for posting "the power of words". Touchingly beautiful, relevant, and oh so true.

We can be hurtful with our words, or we can be helpful with our words, or we can say/write nothing - it is our choice. I know which of the three paths I will be choosing more often in the future.


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