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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday

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Jacques Berlinerblau and R. Joseph Hoffman are back with their one-two sucker punch, still banging on about the perceived ignorance of New Atheists. And they've found a new reason why atheists should be indebted to religion.

At the Chronicle of Higher Education (whose new motto seems to be "All the Gnus That Are Fit to Diss"), Berlinerblau makes what he sees as a telling point: there have been no atheist martyrs!

In any case, Hoffmann's essay [see below] makes the point that it is tremendously difficult to identify an atheist who has been martyred for his or her non-belief. The author notes that such martyrdom operations have usually been reserved for heretics and apostates--yet the heretics and apostates, of course, were believers themselves.

As part of the 2011 budget bill passed today by the House of Representatives, Congress for the first time removed a species from the Fish and Wildlife Service's list of endangered species. (The Senate and White House are expected to approve the massive bill shortly.)

Look we're- we're trying- we're trying to score a victory for the Republican people. For the Ameri- for the Republican peop- trying to score a victory for the American people not for the Republican party.



As to there being no atheist martyrs I, for one, go along with Russell "I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong."

re "Congress de-lists Endangered Wolf.

Had the Fish and Wildlife folk gotten off their fat butts and dealt with the SUCCESS of the Wolf's "Endangered" Listing, by de-listing those prosperous packs in the Rockies as they should have, then Congress would have had no reason to act. All acknowledge that for some years past, the wolf populations in the Western Rockies thrive. Indeed the only objection levied to de-listing the wolf is thus:

"But legal experts warn the administration's support of lifting protections for the animals opens the door to future meddling by lawmakers catering to anti-wildlife interests."

AS IF, 'once endangered always endangered.' As if 'all wildlife populations must be treated the same.' Its the same stupid reasoning that sits behind the cannabis laws. OMG, if we decriminalize that herb, then how can we combat abuse of opiates? It has as well, the same result. The law says one thing, and the practice must perforce, be in non-compliance. The first expression I learned when becoming a cattle woman was this: "Shoot, Shovel, and shut up." Stupid rules makes scofflaws of us all.


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