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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday

Coffee Cup

Apparently it's distraction, now if I could only learn to distract myself with something other than a doughnut. Did you know Krispy Kreme refers to them as doughnuts, while Duncan calls them donuts. I'm resisting the urge to use the "new and improved" spelling and sticking with the the dough.



Oh scientism, you petty silly insult.

Minor point but methinks you forgot your coffee because unless you've done some time-traveling it's only Tuesday here ;)

Damn, either I lost a day or I've mastered time travel. Thanks for the heads-up.

The 'donut' / 'doughnut' thing is hilarious.

More than a decade ago I did a logo for a new donut store and wrote a tiny joke on the comp sheet that became the store's motto: "XYZ DONUTS: We take the UGH out of doUGHnuts."



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