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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday

Coffee Cup

Most people swear they'd never hurt anybody for money, but many do just that

Tim Flannery is an optimist.



re: the "nonplussed" problem:

interesting article. this:

nonplussed from perplexed to unimpressed, or fazed to unfazed.

had me scratching my head and thinking about my age. i wasn't aware of this change, perhaps because i always thought of "nonplussed" as meaning "slightly confused and annoyed at another person's apparent non-sequitur"- confused and annoyed implying both perplexed and unimpressed, and how this became simply "unfazed", or how it originally meant "fazed" is beyond me. good to know, though, i try to keep up with these things. this was a useful one because, if the author is right, i was wrong both about the previous meaning and the current one. i guess it's a good thing that i don't run across this word very often. :)

re: shocking experiment:

now redo the experiment using only jainists as subjects, and tell me again how horrible religion as a whole is. hell, redo it using only self-declared religious people, separating them by religion, and let's see the stats. THAT would be interesting. otherwise, nothing surprising here. i'm amazed the "scientists" were so surprised by the results. says something about scientists, i guess. :)

"Pigs" is an outstanding rant. Hear, hear!

I especially liked this passage (as I read the rest to my wife, she asked, "Did you write that?"):

If you mention any of this, you get accused of engaging in class warfare. Even though, as Warren Buffett has pointed out, that war is already over, and his side won. And even though such an accusation is tantamount to accusing Martin Luther King of having engaged in race warfare for pointing out the perfectly obvious moral crimes that whites had long been committing against blacks, with the full blessing of the law, no less.


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