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Friday Links

And just for "balance":



"Storm" was outstanding. Thanks for sharing it.

Yeah, you should check out all of Tim Minchin's work. One of my favorites is "White Wine In The Sun (The Christmas Song)" and it absolutely NAILS my feelings on the issue, and also the feeling of being a new father.

Here is the live version: (which has better lyrics than the recorded version)

Also, check out The Pope Song, for a laugh with plenty of naughty words.

Karl Giberson makes a living these days telling everyone who'll listen that science and religion can just be pals and likes to upbraid nasty ol' Richard Dawkins and his fellow atheist meanies for being, well, so mean. He hasn't a clue ... read the zombies' comments on his post and you get an idea how many fundamentalists he's reaching.

To me religious arguments for evolution are as compelling as religious arguments against it. Is there any data on all the "converts" these faitheists are getting?

Yeah, its really only an argument to keep reasonable people from leaving their religion.

Eugh. That second article about Martin Rees left a nasty taste in my mouth. I wonder if he actually understands the implication of what says and claims to welcome when he writes that the influence of people like Dawkins and Harris has begun to wane. A preferential attitude indeed. Poor writing, sloppier thinking.

By 'he' I mean the author, not Martin Rees.

And self-disclosed or not, the fact that he is a recipient of a Templeton journalism grant only goes to prove the argument of the former article, which is that respect can be bought. I mean, it's one thing not to bite the hand that feeds you, but the article reads as such fawning tripe that I have trouble understanding how Mr. Vernon doesn't feel some pang of journalistic integrity to abstain from writing about something about which he is so clearly biased.

Thought so too. So far attempts to defend the Templeton-"Science" relationship are not very convincing, aren't they?

re: Storm the movie

Excellent! Reminds me of our last big dinner party, right down to the slightly sotted English accented curmudgeon and his long suffering wife giving him the 'be nice' look, to no avail. As I recall, in that case the subject was Joseph Smith.

I wasn't quite so entertained by the Sarah and Michelle rock opera, though I did appreciate being reminded of that great word "SNARK" to describe Sarah's Twitters, and, more depressingly, the noise that passes for political discourse in our country these days. Snarkiness is so tempting for it is so easy to do.

I confess to feeling rather snarky myself after hearing about Rep. Ryan's proposal for solving our country's fiscal problems by cutting taxes for the rich again, and socking it to the old, poor and sick. I guess it isn't a "granny's death panel" if health care is withdrawn through market forces. What I don't get about that, is how it is that health care costs will be lower if extra $$s must be added to pay profits to private insurers. Oh wait... the death panels will only be for poor people who can't afford insurance coverage. That fixes the problem for there certainly are a lot more poor folks than rich ones. Heavy sigh.

You are right Betty Jo,

The whole "force you to buy a product from a company" is what fries me, mostly because these companies are the exact ones that are screwing sick people for their bottom line. And I even can't blame them, as they are publicly held and are REQUIRED by law to make as much profit as they can. So, there, Wall Street screwing us again.

As much as I respect market forces and the good parts of capitalism, profit motive without proper regulation is hell. And no one has yet gone to jail because of the big assed market crash, but sure as hell 2-bit purse snatchers in the same part of town are already doin time.

As some point, angry unemployed people with firearms will go with pitchforks to the.. wait.. most of those people watch FOX. Nevermind.

And its a good thing that the stock market isn't the only good way to save for retirement.. Oh.. Wait..

looking at those asshats, why do I actually work for a living?


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