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Einstein vs Stephen Hawking - Epic Rap Battles of History #7

Usually I don't like all those science-related music videos that spread through the skeptic/science blogosphere, but I think this one deserves the million views it got in just a couple of days.

I think I got all the puns, except for the one about Sagan, which I'm not even sure if it was a pun.



I'm not sure I get the joke of the reference but I think the Sagan nod was because of this:

Ah, thanks. Those are the ones I avoid, but I had seen that one. I think it's the original that started it all.

Ah man, I LOVE those.

Seriously, some of em make me all weepy (not even kidding). Played em for my daughter when she was learning to eat too. *8)

Yeah, I know many people also like them. Autotune can be very polarizing I guess. I take my Sagan and other poets' voices raw, please.

"You wanta bring heat, with the mushroom clouds you're makn. I'm about to bake raps from scratch like Carl Sagan."

Sagan is famous for his line: "If you want to bake a pie from scratch; you must first create the universe."

I get it now :)

yeah, i too love the Symphony of Science ones. Glorious Dawn is like the best thing ever. for me it's like getting to watch all 13 hours of the Cosmos series in less than 4 minutes. I've even got the song in iTunes, and it gets frequent plays.

I much prefer any of those Symphony of Science songs/videos to this one, which is just that jr. high "look at this guy in a silly wig" kind of humor. this was better than the worst saturday night live has had to offer in the past, but it's a kind of humor that just doesn't move me.

Autotune just doesn't do it for me. (Of course in this video it was used for a different purpose.)

I like ridiculous humor. If it's nerdy it's better.

Reminded me of the "Beware the Believers" video. Dawkins didn't like it. PZ (who also posted this one on Pharyngula) did.

I think this one has one too many, Steve is in a wheel chair jokes, but there is a lot of smart content in the song too.

I like it, and it is generally funny, which is point.

The guy who played Stephen Hawking was great. I wonder what he would think of this.


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