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Craig Ferguson 4/1/10 Late Late Show Jonathan Dancy

Part 1

Part 2



This is why Craig Ferguson has such a great show. He may not get the big guns; then again, he's free to experiment within his budget. Too bad my TV reception sucks eggs or I'd watch him regularly.

Yeah, respect for network late night talk show hosts that once in a while take the time to get guests like this.

Letterman does it sometimes too, so does Conan.

Okay... so I lost my previous post.

Short version:

This guy Dancy: Irwin Cory without the funny.

Craig: Professor of Philosophy.

Helping, and how it's not always good, the car thief: Help the car OWNER not the thief.

Upshot: Moral relativism with a new name.

That's kind of what I got from it too, although the guy was being obtuse, I don't know if on purpose. Appreciate the effort from Ferguson to have this kind of guests, but too often philosophers sacrifice clarity for verbosity.

I often wonder how a good scientist can explain quantum mechanics and the weirder aspects of relativity fairly clearly for the layman, and post-modernist type philosophers do the opposite of clarifying. It's suspicious. Either they don't have their ideas clear themselves, or are purposely being confusing.

Helping, and how it's not always good,

Sometimes psychologically needy folks should not be helped out right; do-gooders need to guide them toward solutions rather than flat out help them.

But yeah, modern philosophy doesn't wanna incorporate morality, so the grey area can be really big and murcky.


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