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A Driverless Car



This is amazing work. part of what is amazing is that we seem to do all this work to avoid riding trains. Not that their aren't room for both.

Due to traffic density, the demand for rail down here in the Southeast USA is minimal. However, this self-driving car would be a smash hit (especially if we assume it would be legal to ride home smashed and high).

part of what is amazing is that we seem to do all this work to avoid riding trains.

Exactly. Here’s a better idea: stop using cars. No matter how safe or how efficient, cars are a bad choice because they require too many resources just to build. Cars also pervert the way we build cities.

I haven’ driven a car in over 4 years. Before that I drove very little because I have lived in dense urban environments (Seattle & Valencia) in which a bike is a great transportation option. I could walk from one end of Valencia to the other in an hour. Try doing that in L.A. or Dallas.

i agree pretty much entirely leftbanker. i live in brooklyn and use a bike as my sole means of transportation. it's shocking how efficient it is. i think people don't believe me when i try to explain to them that i get places faster than if i drove, took the train/bus, or any other option. living in a dense metropolitan area, a bike is really all you need 98% of the time. for that other 2%, it's handy having a car sharing membership like zipcar, or taking a cab.

also, and really best of all, is that riding a bike is an intensely pleasurable experience. when you've got dedicated bike lanes and thus feel safe, and when you have a decent bike that fits you, it's just staggering how wonderful an experience it is. i look forward to going places, as riding is almost always one of the highlights of my day.

Automation is the only way to marry cars and trains, it's a great idea. Pulling a Knight Rider with a bullet train to let you commute from 300k away in 30 minutes would be wild.

Still the machines will make mistakes and things will break - ah well, fight the statistics!...

Personally, I prefer to walk/bicycle.

What's really strange, if you think about it, is that a driverless car is basically just a one person (or one family) train. If we were to reorganize our cities to accommodate a lot more bicycles, we'd be taking a big bite out of a lot of other problems too: pollution (including CO₂), sprawl, traffic, and obesity.

Exactly, American cities need to have a greater population density and a LOT less sprawl. My older brother lives in suburban Chicago and the distances people drive there on a daily basis are frightening to me. I propose that we change the American dream from a house in the burbs with a picket fence to a city apartment within walking distance of shops, theaters, and restaurants.

As I have said before, cars were a huge mistake of the 20th century and the sooner we rectify that mistake the better.

There are plenty of houses with fences in cities.

Yah; we live in the mid-west. It isn't that way in most east coast urban areas. I can think of one house with a fenced in yard in Baltimore.

Cars need to be a LUXURY, but they are imprinted on our collective psyche as necessities, and therefore suburbs and the like were designed with the motion that everyone has a car, so let's not have walkable/bikeable places in the roads to get to said locations; let's make sure we take up oodles of land with parking lots, etc.

When I said that I haven't driven in over four years this means that I haven't had car trouble in as long, and I haven't been in a parking lot, or a gas station, or the DMV or whatever the fuck they call it here in Spain.,


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