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Sarah Vowell

Part I

Part II

I love Sarah's writing and have already ordered a copy for my Kindle.



love it, love it! this woman is great, beats stewart at his own game (sometimes/often). i think the comedy/news(history) format is the only way to go these days and it's being done very well. i just hope people (i mean, like, outside ny/la/chicago) are actually listening.

"happy amnesiacs" lol! ain't it the truth. and you're dealing with people/s now with VERY long memories. the hawaiians may have settled down a lot (lived there for 2 years, maybe not as much as you think), puerto rico less so (though they didn't have statehood forced upon them) but forget that- iraq! afghanistan! egypt? libya? the peoples of these places may not be highly educated, but THEY KNOW WHAT YOU DID. it would behoove you to know at least this much. oh, wait, i see something shiny...

Every time I see her speak I think she must be Samantha B's long lost sister. *8)

She needs to have a regular segment!


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