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Penn & Teller Leave Disappointed Women in Their Wake



I listened to the clip you've linked here and wondered, wtf does this have to do with disappointing women? Then I saw the next Youtube clip....

What next clip?

I'm so confused...

Penn & Teller, "There is no God.", which comes up when this clip finishes.

It doesn't come up for me, but I found the clip you mentioned.

It would have been funnier if RedSeven had embedded the right video. (I feel sorry for you if you mess up like this at parties, dude.)

I feel sorry for you if you mess up like this at parties, dude

Any dude that would thus fuck up would no doubt be forgiven by any other cool dudes.

Well i think the second video might make the point even better that the first.

I thought his assertion that their greatest accomplishment was to combine tits and skepticism was something might women might tell you has already been done.

(I feel sorry for you if you mess up like this at parties, dude.)

Actually my mess ups at parties are what keeps me out of trouble.

I didn't know Penn is a ventriloquist too! That guy is amazing.

That's the first time I've heard Teller speak.

Penn and Teller are friends of friends. Teller is a nice guy, but Penn is a grade 1 jackass.

Usually when teller talks I love what he says, and to some extent I liked the idea, "we made skepticism accessible".But when I went to post it I thought everyone might not appreciate his assertion.

absolutely! and they made it entertaining, which in this country is how you get airtime. *8)

Beer, breasts, and skepticism! I love it!

It's shame that Cato Institute propaganda can masquerade as skepticism.


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