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Pakistani Actress Defies Mullah

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What a shit hole.

My barber is Pakistani here and for 5€ I get a great haircut and get to watch Bollywood movies for free. Free Bollywood movies in the kebab joint down the block, too. The women are totally hot, like this actress. I would imagine that the vast majority of people in these countries want to look at pretty girls more than they want to listen to assholes like the cleric in the video.

Instead of using military might the USA should promote a message of choice for these folks. I think it wold be a lot easier, cheaper, and more effective.

I agree. This guy is an asshat of the highest order, and if all I ever know of this woman was the way she behaved on this show, I have the highest respect for her.

Holy shit, it's Fox News.

yet, for some reason they didn't cut her off as she handed them their hat.

Where did you find that his was FOX? I googled and came up with a bunch of links related to . Although, they do have some heavy hitting corporate sponsors.

Or are you just saying this because the cleric was on?

Anyhoo, Veena Malik was great. I'd like to see more people like her here at home and around the globe.

bleh - my line got screwed up, but it still goes to Express News.

I think he just meant that is just like fox news.

Or are you just saying this because the cleric was on?

Yeah. And because there was a lot of yelling, particularly from the zealot. RedSeven is right though, they weren't like "Our victim is trying to defend herself with logic! Quick, cut her mic!" which means the "real" Fox News is worse.

I thought so, but you never know; Murdoch has his fingers in so many pots.

Yes, lots of talking over people. She had to do it for the most part to get over whatshisname's dogma.


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