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How are Jedi assessed in the religious trend data? This is actually a serious question as I'm currently sitting on the fence as to whether to mark myself down as an atheist or a Jedi.

The markdown bug claims yet another innocent victim.

Begrudgingly fixed link

That is between you and the force.

re: Religion set to go extinct

Our 4th and 5th graders are taught, in their studies of ancient cultures, that a "Civilization" (as opposed to a tribe of humans), is defined as a culture that has: stable food supply, written language, specialized skills, and ORGANIZED RELIGION.

Guess a bunch of 1st world countries must be regressing to uncivilized because they eschew superstition. hmmm.

Idol worship isn't going away anytime soon Betty Jo.

I am sure the USSR didn't have that requirement in their text books.

They didn't need to, they worshiped the state.

re: Syngas

Ick. My brain feels slimy after that 'isn't going' away link.

re: RedSeven

Ah yes. I too am pretty sure the Young Pioneers of the former Soviet Union didn't have "He's got the Whole World in His Hands" or, for that matter "Ode to Obama" in their approved campfire song book. Growing up during the Cold War, I could never be sure which was supposed to be worse - that they were Communist or that the Communists were Godless. Funny though, it does seem quite common for totalitarian governments to utilize cult of the leader or cult of the State as a method of unification. We don't do that, hence perhaps the appeal to anti-'Stateists' like the Tea Party, of using God as a unifying force to whom none ought object obedience.

It seems we've decided that it is easier and cheaper to just bamboozle our population with lies, half-truths, and virtual outrage.than it is to teach civics, and educate our populace to make informed decisions. EVEN THOUGH we already noticed that socialism had been betrayed in totalitarian states through those very means.


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