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Links With Your Coffee - Wednesday

Coffee Cup

I'm back



Glad to have you back, Norm. Re. Why do atheists do theology? There is a series currently being shown on the BBC "The Bibles Buried Secrets" fronted by an atheist academic at the University of Exeter. She is a specialist in Hebrew Biblical studies and is doing a great demolition job on the bases of the monotheistic faiths.

I enjoyed the Banana article.

He captures my sentiment. although he is right that the woman talking about bananna diversity sounds like she never heard of a bannana before. I do wonder if there isn't a way to engineer a bannana that can start naturally reproducing and creating more diversity so we aren't in the same place in an other 5 years.

Journalists use primary sources?

Really hard to link to a tweet.

re: Still OK

I've nearly abandoned use of the word "OK", for I've found it too rich in ambiguity.


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