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Links With Your Cocktails -Wednesday Night

Where's Norm? Birding, uh huh, be back soon. Norm

(Hat tip To Atheist Media Blog)



I'm glad the Dalai Lama is retiring - we needn't be troubled with wondering what his job is anymore.

re:Rush Limbaugh

Hard to imagine how it must be to look at the world seeking only mean-spirited cruelty and thinking that entertainment.

Just living with oneself hard-fast within such a worldview must be so painful. Shall we wish long life to Mr. Limbaugh?

Not if you're a sociopath and and asshole.

When I was a kid, there was a fat, mean creep who lived on our block who would scream at kids for playing in the street outside his house. We called him "Joe Metracal" - after the nasty diet crap that was later superceded by the only slightly less nasty Slim Fast. Whenever I imagine the mouth-breathers who listen to Limbaugh's poison, Joe Metracal is the kind of person who comes to mind. How sad that there are so many Joe Metracals in the country.

Pretty freaken sad.


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