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Links With Your Tea - Friday



At 1st, I thought perhaps 22 words replaced The Brick Testament then double checked the latter. Guess we got a kissin cousin on our watch.

The comments following that post are pretty good for a laugh.

My favourite:

Yep. A thorough look through the New Testament portion of Brick Testament will show a sad misunderstanding of what the Bible teaches. It’s riddled with scoffing and crude distortion of the text. Definitely not accurate nor well-meaning as a whole. The creator doesn’t get it or he’s actively seeking to disparage God’s Word.

The creator doesn’t get it or he’s actively seeking to disparage God’s Word.

Ya think?

Nice word choice, too: "the creator."

Speaking of the creator: the Rev. Brendan Powell Smith - now there's food for thought.

Birds are cool, but what really caught my eye on the National Geographic link was zombie fungi!

Oh jeez. how long until scientists Engineer a human version?

That pioneer of psychohistory, Rupert Murdoch has already engineered four different species of human mind fungus:

Rogeris-Ailesis and the sycophantic subspecies propagandis Bilious-O'reillis, propagandis Sean-Hannitys and the newest and most virulent strain, propagandis Glenn-Beckis

Thanks for the Harris/Hitchens link. Watching it right now. Great to see Hitchens looking healthy. Doesn't miss one step either, the party thing was brilliant and funny.

wow! just watched the hitchens/harris/wolpe/shavit debate. quite the eye opener. hitchens (a jew according to jewish law), harris (ditto) and two "rabbi/apologists", speaking to a jewish audience and posted on a jewish website!

of note: harris and hitchens both admit the possibility of an afterlife, but argue with specific ideas of what it might be like according to religious dogma.

hitchens constantly reverts to non-issues (in terms of the debate subject), namely, CHRISTIAN ideas, and the existence of "evil"- something he- an atheist- takes for granted (death of children, natural disasters, etc- things unpleasant for humans but not necessarily caused by them). i mean, CONSTANTLY.

avoiding the issue, in other words. just as i've been saying all along. he doesn't seem to know what to do with the lack of jewish dogma, the dialectical tradition of judaism, the different opinions and the willingness of jews to recognize them as opinions, or metaphors, or analogies, or- ways of giving people hope, as opposed to what christianity and islam have done with these ideas, namely, ways of controlling people.

the "rabbis", and harris, too, come off here as more reasonable than hitch, and more open minded, and less dogmatic. (besides saying many things i've been writing here for years.)

does anyone disagree with this? i'd like to hear it, and why. and remember, i like hitchens a lot. a worthy adversary is worth more than an unworthy ally. and i'm not a big fan of wolpe, fwiw, more because of his "attitude" than anything he actually says, and i've never even heard of the other guy, shalvit (a very israeli sounding name, btw) but i found him very impressive, and saying things i say here a lot.


Can we do something so you debate Hitchens? What's your schedule?

as long as i get paid the same as hitchens for my appearance, i'm as ready to go as i'll ever be. the fact that i actually like the guy will not be lost on a master of character judgement such as he, and this will disarm him enough for me to move in for the kill. i mean, so to speak. :( he should live to 120.

hitchens constantly reverts to non-issues (in terms of the debate subject), namely, CHRISTIAN ideas

Where did they ever say the question was, does the "Jewish" afterlife exist?

I think you could just as easily say the other participants unnessecarily constricted debate or at least made their topic too general.

Plus as Harris points out in the intro. Hitchens never lets his talks be boring. So he always takes some time to challenge existing and popular beliefs.


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