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Crisis in Dairyland - For Richer and Poorer

Scott Walker puts the public sector unions -- and particularly teachers -- on notice that the gravy train is over.



I really wonder how many Beck/Hannity/Limbaugh/Krauthammer mouth-breathers are even capable of connecting these dots. I mean, after all, if you still watch those execrable creeps you ae pretty much incapable of critical thought.

Did you mean to post here of for in the Friday links?

Probably here, but since the other link is so close...

His coverage of this is hands down some of the best coverage of these issues on TV. The "assume the public can't remember yesterday" insane structure of corporate propaganda is so terribly transparent...

Why not solve the problem by letting teachers work their salary rates like congressmen (over $100k salaries for part-time work). Let them vote on their own salaries and benefits package. Our government is broke and our congressmen make more than twice as much as the average salary.

They make twice what teachers make and teachers are rollin in it.


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