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100 Years after the Triangle Fire

The tragedy of the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire struck a nerve in the American people, who demanded reforms which remade our industrial landscape and guaranteed the rights of workers. Today these rights have been wiped out in the race to the bottom in the global sweatshop economy, where workers in the developing world toil 14 hours a day, seven days a week for wages just one tenth of what the Triangle workers earned. Workers are again trapped and burned to death behind locked exit gates. One hundred years ago, the outrage over the Triangle fire led to the rallying cry, "Who will protect the working girl?" Where is that cry today?

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I wish he hadn't said that those people jumped to their deaths in order that their parents would have their bodies for a proper burial.

heya red. nice post.

you know what i do here, among other things, is "work the jewish angle". why? because so many 1gm posts and "heroes" and authors and subjects of posts are jewish and this fact goes unnoticed, mostly, except where i point it out. many "legends" of the liberal left, often unknown to it's modern avatars, or unacknowledged because of hatred for israel, are actually more a part of jewish history than american or world history, or they became part of the "world narrative" by the de-judaization of the actors. not only stewart, hitchens, harris, various congressmen/senators etc. as i often point out here, but important historical events such as the triangle shirtwaist fire and it's aftermath.

before i go on, maybe you should look up the "shmatte business".

fwiw: the owners (murderers) were jews, who had chosen capitalism over the religion of their fathers and required their workers to work on saturdays- the jewish sabbath- in the avarice the learned in their new country, and it was indeed on a saturday that the fire broke out.

the victims were mostly jews- young immigrant women, along with other italian and polish immigrants of the the time, also women/girls.

the "heroes"- the lawyers and labor organizations that changed the way america thought about labor and unions in the aftermath of the tragedy, were also jews, mostly, with some help from upper class wasp women who had some pity to spare...

the story of this tragedy, and it's aftermath, and it's affect on labor unions and the growth of an american "middle class", was part of my childhood, as a jew. but i bet it wasn't part of your childhood as an american non-jew, and i bet most people here never even heard of it before now. the fact that this kind of business practice still exists in the third world today, supported by american business giants like walmart and the gap just says one thing to me: the jews got the message, and got it out there, and changed america. other, non-jewish americans said "hey, wait, this is a great idea, we can still do this, just not in this country. let's get on it boys!"

maybe they got some jews to go along with them, i don't know. but in american jewish "mythology", the triangle shirtwaist fire left a lasting impression which went beyond the laws these american jews managed to get passed protecting workers. a moral lesson, which, after having said all this, i'm glad and proud to see you, red, presenting here, even without the jewish connections which i have just briefly touched upon for i have no idea what reasons. except that's what i do.

Believe it or not, I grew up in a non-Jewish labor family.

BTW: Hitchens has said he is not Jewish

Believe it or not, I grew up in a non-Jewish labor family.

so you might have heard about the fire, but with the jewish angle missing, which is why i wrote about it here, or (like many) with the emphasis on the jewishness of the factory owners instead of that of the victims and those who worked to right the wrongs for everyone. correct me if i'm wrong. if i am, you're quite the exception.

I think I have heard that they were Jewish before, I had not heard that the owners were. In general I think most labor stories do include an ethnic description of the participants, particularly when they show how people of different ethnicity had to work together for many of the bigger victories.

Hitchens has said he is not Jewish

you got a source for that from after he found out his mother was jewish? he talked about it quite a bit, and i heard him say more than once he had no problem with it.

I watched an interview/debate last week where he asked the Jewish person he was talking with, "Now some people tell me I am Jewish because my mother was.." the rabbi said he wasn't one of those people and said his mother's status just means he has the option to enter the faith without conversion, but that it was his option. Hitchens thanked him for having that more enlightened view.

I watched several videos with him last week, several lasting an hour, so figuring out where that was exactly would take me half a day.

What about people who don't want to be assimilated into the JewBorg?

Is resistance futile?

jewishness, for the vast majority of american jews, means assimilating OUT of the jewborg, blending in, "passing". so, if you're doing this, congratulations- you have assimilated into the american jewborg.

counterintuitive? i KNOW.

What if I wanna be a jew? Like, a REAL one.

Move to isreal


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