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The Eagle Has Landed

There are currently hundreds of Bald Eagles at Farmington Bay WMA

Bald_Eagle_2011_02_03_15-10-17 Farmington Bay WMA

Bald_Eagle_2011_02_03_15-10-18 Farmington Bay WMA

Click on the pictures for larger versions.



Damn, great shots, Norm!

I'm sure you're checking regularly with Coyne's eagle-cam updates?

great shots of a magnificent bird,not usually easily captured on film since they don't (correct me if i'm wrong) usually congregate in these numbers in any one place.

your post title, a reference to american's moon landing, can't help but make me think of event's in egypt. :) one track mind, you know, never a big multitasker.

but beautiful photos of a beautiful creature, thanks. i hope you'r getting a lot of pleasure from your "birding", and thanks for sharing it with us.

Pella, Iowa is a major haunt for large numbers of bald eagles. Y'all should come on to Iowa while it still retains some liberal leanings and then take a trip to the Dutch berg.

Hey Norm, what are those Eagles doing there? Isn't Framingham Bay part of the Great Salt Lake and devoid of fish? I know the White Pelicans roost in the lake but hunt food in fresher waters, but eagles don't roost on water. Inquiring minds want to know.

Farmington Bay is freshwater near the fish are Carp that the wildlife guys kill off this time of year. They compete with the birds for the riches of the bay.

So Farmingham Bay is separated from the salt lake by the Antelope Island causeway and what appears, on the Google, to be another dam at the southern end of Antelope which also connects to the mainland. So on one side is super salty and the other is fresh? Very cool and lucky you.

Beautiful shots Norm. The 1st one is an especially portrait - reverent.

Cue John Ashcroft singing, 'Let the Eagle Soar':


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