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Paul Offit

Paul Offit believes the smallpox vaccination scar seems to be a fairly small price to pay during swimsuit season.

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Paul Offit
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I kept waiting for someone to come out of the crowd to attack Paul Offit. I seriously get scared every time I here he's going to speak in public.

Glad he's getting the good word out, though.

What's this doctor going to claim next, that eating ice cream doesn't cause polio? It's a proven fact that when ice cream sales went up in the summer, so did cases of polio. When ice cream sales went down in winter so did cases of polio.

Now that we have banned eating ice cream we don't see any more cases of polio anymore do we?

Thankfully Dr. Jenny McCarthy of Playboy University set us straight on that.

Steven was just playing the anti-vax crowd (and was too understated I think, but I suppose it's more palatable) while Dr. Offit provided the necessary reasons for vaccines. Some people need material for encouraging others o get the shots.

He did go over the antivaxers' talking points, and Offit answered pretty well. I think he nailed Colbert there when he shut him up too.

Sometimes Steven throws the arguement when he doesn't want to win

I think scars are cool. Keloids, not so much. Got one on my elbow and it hurts.


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