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O'Reilly's Proof of God: He doesn't know how stuff happened.



That guy sure is funny. He should have his own show.

OK, yeah, the diety does it. well, how'd the diety get there? who put him there? did he just happen? can you explain that to me? how'd it get there? come on? where'd he come from? look, you pin heads who attack me for this are just desperate.

And the title of his show should be "Tenaciously Clinging to Ignorance".

I have misgivings about the word 'tenaciously'. He might not know what it means.

If he doesn't know, the fact that he doesn't know what it means, is proof of God.

Sheesh, this guy is an idiot. First the tides proves god then he just moves the goal post. How did the moon get around our planet? Gravity. In fact, our moon is moving further away and in time we won't have a moon anymore (so god gets disproved again?)

Perhaps the concept of artificial satellites around the Earth confuses Bill. How did Skylab get up there if it wasn't for god?

How possibly did a giant ball of hydrogen condense and form a fusion reaction if it wasn't for god? Again, gravity.

It's simple, Bill O'Reilly doesn't believe in the theory of gravity. It is, after all, just a theory.

O'Reilly's questions are like those of a 9-year-old; take away the attitude, and they could have come out of Calvin's mouth in a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon. Howeber, Bill-O's attitude really merits the kind of answers Calvin's Dad used to give him!

Nice one, Tim. I love Calvin! Do you know why we have more daylight in the Summer? It's because the Summer is hotter and we know that things expand when they get hot, so the daytime expands and becomes longer!

shit, the photographs/paintings routine killed me!

I'm of the mind that O'Reilly knows he's full of shit. Speaking with such willfulness ignorance has to be an act. Like Beck, Hannity, etc. he's just another failed entertainer who found a way to make money and nurture a messianic complex despite a complete lack of talent.

And Mars has two moons.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrg. I just wasted 2 minutes or less of my life. Desperate indeed.

So I went from the youtube page to one of the pages that linked it the most:

Jupiter has 63 moons...HOW DID THEY GET THERE???
God must like Jupiter a lot.

God likes Saturn.
That's why he put a ring on it.

Did you ever notice that all other moons have names, but our Moon is just called "The" Moon. That always seemed awkward on Star trek. Like I am sure the Vulcan's when we refered to thier star and moons by names and ours were, the sun and the moon.


Our moon's name is Luna and our sun's name is Sol.

So it always struck me as odd that we refer to other systems as other Solar systems, when WE are the only Solar system. Surely they are all other sun systems.

It takes more faith to not believe? Wow, most scientists are both smarter than you AND more faithful than you.

Does anyone else here want to duct tape him to a desk and have him take a high school physics test? Perhaps against a 3rd grader?

Oh that would be beautiful. Seeing O'Reilly on "Are you smarter than a 5th grader" and getting his ass handed to him.

What a pompous, clueless, arrogant, ignorant blow-hard.


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