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Links With Your Oligarchy

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So hear are a slightly off topic set of clips. Its just where my head has been this week.

And finally a bit of humor



Public opinion is un-manipulable...

And the public opinion polls that have shown there is somewhere between 30% and 60% support for stripping Union rights, also can not be maniplated.

But the majority of these clips don't relate to that issue alone.

Why should public employees get any kind of decent treatment when workers in the private sector have been systematically f&%$ed over? That's the pitch. Lie about the fact that public employees haven't suggested that they shouldn't take a hit while revenues are down - just stoke the misdirected resentment ... and of course, while the oligarchy takes an ever increasing share of income and owns an ever increasing share of wealth, let's make sure the the options of raising the taxes gasp of the oligarchy never comes up.

somehow conservatives never seem to care that the corporations pay on average 2% on their profit, while small business actually end up playing 30 something.

They don't seem to concerned about making that a flat tax.

Conservatives in the oligarchy seem to me to be unconcerned about a lot of things.

What, you're firing police officers? Tough break, stay the f&*k away from my million$.

What, you're firing teachers? Tough break, stay the f&*k away from my million$.

What, you're firing food inspectors? Tough break, stay the f&*k away from my million$.

Hey, there's a long range problem with the solvency of social security. Cut benefits to people who paid into the system for 50 years - and stay the f&*k away from my million$.

How dare you suggest that a kid who joins the military to fight wars we justified using phony evidence. What kind of unpatriotic American are you? We're all in this together you ... you ... LIBRUL!

That should have read:

...using phony evidence is a sucker. What kind...

Here is another (familiar) thing that that conservatives don't give a damn about. (Did I mention, stay the f&*k away from my million$.)

re: Onion article. :)

I've still got my "I LIKE IKE" button from his last campaign.


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