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Links With Your Coffee - Monday

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Recently an IBM computer program, named Watson, beat the pants off the two top performing Jeopardy champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. This if being hailed as a demonstration of the superiority of computers over human intelligence, and also a breakthrough in intelligent systems (although no one is claiming any sort of artificial consciousness for Watson). The demonstration has also sparked speculation about how systems such as Watson can be applied in the future - with some speculation going too far, in my opinion.

Jenny McCarthy and the bogus Vaccine-Autism Link



Why eyespots?

Interesting article, although I find it funny that the evolutionary laws listed both include the phrase "almost always".

What is the statistical definition of "almost always" anyways?

E=MC2 (except when it doesn't)

Biology ain't physics!

What I should say is that Evolution is a THEORY, not a law.

And a² + b² = c² is a theorem, not a law.

And I don't think we should be teaching Intelligent Hypotenuse in schools.

I saw a sign the other day that said "Obey gravity; it's the law!" or something like that. ;)

Then on to Frenetic - Dawkins started referring to the theory of evolution as the theorem of evolution in his book The Greatest Show on Earth because he was getting tired of having to debate the tired old argument from fundies "Gee, evolution is only a theory!"

In my opinion, Dawkins is a bit too fond of inventing and reinventing words.

I actually READ The Greatest Show on Earth recently and found it very difficult to keep my eyes open.

Huh? Do you mean it was boring?

I have an audio clip I use at the appropriate time when teaching thermodynamics. The audio clip is just the last sentence of this clip.

I think Coyne's title is a bit misleading, since the article is about the proposition that birds do not learn to avoid "eyes", but they are born with that instinct.

Why a Sharron Angle quote now (saying something a lot less loony than in most of her campaign)?

Angle says God has a plan? Well, Glen Beck and some self-proclaimed prophet named Joel say Obama is the antichrist. And I thought it was Mr. 666: Ronald Wilson Reagan.


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