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Hmm....Congress should investigate religious extremism, eh? I thought it was the role of Congress to exploit religious extremism.

There is what the people want them to do and what they do. Two very different things. Very unpopular group.

re: investigating religious extremism.

I thought the most interesting thing about this survey was the news source bias reported.

"Overall, men, viewers who trust Fox News, white evangelicals and Republicans are more likely to think the hearings are a good idea and to believe Muslims want to establish Shariah law in the United States. Those groups are also among the most likely to say they feel well informed about Islam and the religious beliefs and practices of Muslims. These groups aren’t necessarily more knowledgeable, however just more confident in their beliefs, researchers explained. Researchers said a person’s preferred news source is significantly correlated to how much they worry about American Muslim extremism. "What we’re seeing here is a significant Fox News effect, explained Daniel Cox, PRRI research director. We even see differences among Republicans who trust Fox News most and those who trust other media."

These folks see ol' Glenn Beck with his blackboards and professorial tone, and think themselves edicated.

All right! FINE, ASSHOLE! — I Didn't Use The Word Quixotic Right! Though in Spanish you probably didn't go to high-school if you don't know what it means, I would think it's quixotic to attempt for the majority of other-language speaking people to know the meaning of the word.

Especially when they're reading other kinds of books.

Does this quote actually mean "..I didn't use the word quixotic CORRECTLY"? Or am I missing something? Check the use of the phrase "Right"

All right! Fine, asshole!

All asshole, fine! Right?


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