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George Carlin on Global Warming

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Nice video, thanks for sharing.

I always loved GC... The idea of human insignificance brings me comfort. But within humanity, during our time in the sun, we are doing things that hurt the air we breath and the water we drink -- and we disproportionately hurt those without the money or power to keep carcinogen spewing smoke stacks and drainage pipes away from their neighborhoods.

the funny thing about this (besides it's funniness :)) is that the clip could be used by either side of this debate, since carlin is (god bless him) just telling the TRUTH. and the truth is non-partisan.

frankly i think this would be better "used" by the anti-science, anti-global warming people (just a little, it's mostly a toss-up) and i'm proud that other commenters (besides me) picked up on it from the youtube "suggestions" re: the original post about "if science get's serious"- which was also pretty funny, but much more partisan.

What was not true (besides people going to jail) about the previous video, that made it partisan?

it was more what wasn't said than what was said. still funny, tho- but compared to carlin? ffffft.

oh, you. What was implied that wasn't true?

The only thing I saw was a dig at people (usually denialists, but many others too) that when it's horribly cold, they say stuff like that.

BTW, it's about 81°F (27°C) in LA right now.

I saw it the other way around because an anti GW person could laugh at the joke that pro GW people would want to put them in jail.

Carlin's joke is more bipartisan because in mocks greenies for worrying about the world and anti-enviros for not caring about their own survival.

I love George but... a couple of things I don't agree with.

  1. Not voting

  2. Man made pollution is the same as natural geologic evolution

Sorry, I just don't.

One point number 2: While I agree that the "planet" will outlive us I'm not entirely sold on that being the most sound logic for shitting up the place.

On point number 1: You certainly can make the case that the election system is gamed but again, I'm not sure that change can be initiated by "not voting".

How would that work exactly?

::drives a volvo and wants a bike path::


I know, that pretty much describes my girlfriend to a T.

I cycle on the roads -- where I have the right to be -- and do not want a "bike path". I want more considerate and vigilant motorists.

It's even more tongue-in-cheek from the context, where, for example "leave X alone, haven't we done enough" is also the reason given for doing a hit-and-run if you have an accident.

Many Global Warming concerns are about making the planet inhospitable for our grandchildren, and not about the destruction of the planet itself. I think Carlin is taking some semantic liberties for comedies sake. But still and awesome clip.


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