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Daily Show: Cenac - Bee - Jones - Pyramid Scheme - World Reaction



Wyatt take 2: not so bad. Imagine: Democracy desired without using the barrel of a gun pointing in a population's collective face.

yeah, wyatt has it just about right. just replace the "jedi mind trick" thing with "frantic secret negotiations" and you're just about there.


Imagine: Democracy desired without using the barrel of a gun pointing in a population's collective face.

wtf? do i need to make a list for you of the guns (literal and metaphorical) pointing in this population's collective face? or talk (again) about the actual percentage of this population that wants democracy, or how non-influential they are, or what they will do with it if they get it?

i swear, sometimes i think of americans as a huge crowd of football fans, with the world as their stadium. some people just root for the team that has the coolest helmet designs, some for the one that has the most people from their home town on the team, some for the "winningest", some (switching to baseball metaphors now), like cubs fans, for the "loosingest" and on and on- and none of them actually PLAY the sport.

I'm talking about the US's guns pointing at them For the love of the FSM, I'm not an idiot.

That is all.

i know you're not an idiot, g.s., and sorry if i'm telling it a bit to "straight." but when your'e on the other end of a gun, i't ain't so important who's holding it. that becomes important later, assuming you survive the encounter.

I'm talking about the US "helping" countries achieve democracy while we hold the guns. In the middle east, I see people facing guns and reacting to this by asking for democracy. Apples and oranges.

my 15 year old son's favorite band (thank the fsm).

in my time, when i was around the same age, it was "the clash" for me, a british band who had even sharper things to say about american idiocy, and probably the biggest influence on this band. the clash were less "commercial", MUCH more experimental, and lots of stuff like that that i have no time to sit around regretting the loss of- things are what they are (tm). but this is a song that makes the ol' man proud. the boy (born in israel, raised in ny state since the age of 4 and a half and therefore deprived of much of his father's influence, must have picked up on this genetically, or something. it gives me hope. for him, i mean, not you. :)


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