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Crisis in Egypt - Anderson Cooper & Bill O'Reilly

The Egyptian people ask Anderson Cooper to step down, and Bill O'Reilly believes God is the answer to everything. (05:55)

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This clip sent my brain here and over here.

Also to the next thread. Was Steven stealing from onegoodmove??

Was Steven stealing from onegoodmove??

Finally, Devil Ton Tic's true identity is revealed.

This was one of the funniest bits I have seen in recent history. Bill is such a stooge.

His bit on Cooper was also a good way to address a serious situation with comedy.

Devil Ton[e] Tic's true identity

Heh - I didn't think anyone would remember that anagram!

anagram reference...

I saw what he was doing but never took the time to decode it. Did you break the code at some point?

I made up my own for AJ - based on all of his monikers, when he came in with some new identity. Then I think you responded with "Devil Tone Tc" and I anagrammed that for the hell of it. Ah, memories...

"Devil Tone Tic"

I can't see these videos in the uk, but I seem to remember BO asking how is it that we are the only planet in our situation.

Look here


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