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Call Your Iowa State Legislators



A colleague's husband was there to testify on Monday, but there were so many people he didn't get a chance. Zach Walls's speech was definitely considered a highlight of the evening. Basically it comes down to people not really understanding how laws work, how legal suits can change things, and not knowing what the court decision actually says.

If you google "iowa supreme court decision on gay marriage" the NY Times and the Iowa supreme court show up early, with pdfs, but not working url. It's worth reading - very cogent arguments that leave no doubt that gay marriage is a constitutional right in every sense. Heehee - the report is 69 pages, so I have to wonder if that was done on purpose (68? No - let's add a few more footnotes!)

In terms of the Iowa legislature, the vote in the house went down as expected - they want Iowans to vote. The Senate will undoubtedly block a vote, as promised by Michael Gronstal. The biggest thing is seeing this through the next few elections. The court's decision was unanimous, and it's certain that Vander Plaats will get more money to come in to oust another 3 in the next election cycle. Also it will be somewhat interesting to see who Branstad brings in. Of the 3 who were voted out during the mid-term elections, 2 were appointed to the high court by him, and the other was his district court appointee.

that dude is a badass

when is he running for office?

"when is he running for office?"

I was thinking the same thing. An outstanding pubic speaker. But why would any normal, intelligent person want to go into politics in America?

Spain allows gay couples to marry and I don't see the moral fabric of the country comining apart at the seams. Quite the opposite in fact. It is an extremely family-friendly place overall--whatever the hell that means.

Last weekend, we went to two birthday parties, both for kids with gay parents. There we saw another 5 gay couples with kids. We didn't really think about it until after the fact, and even then I only thought "hmmm.. they wold shit a brick over this back home in Kansas."

What I have seen is the difficulty some of these couple have had even getting to raise a child, in this world where so many need loving parents. I have also seen the difference between people who accidentally have a child and ones who have worked hard to finally have a baby to raise. Different because they are often more grateful, but with all the same joys and fears other parents feel.

Every single one of these couples rank high on my list of parents I know.


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