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We Bottomed Out When We Lost Our Dairy Queen



some of you are aware of how cynical i can (and love) to be. i am dying to tear this to shreds, "pie in the sky", "we have more important things to worry about" or whatever.

but no: this is one of the smartest things i've i've ever seen posted on this blog, and i can't think of a single valid (or even amusingly cynical) thing to say about it.

maybe someone else could take a shot, maybe i'm missing something. :)

Well, the bottom was probably actually when they got the dairy queen.

Here's another movie that won't be showing in my town. The last documentary shown in theaters here was Expelled, and I shouldn't even be calling that a documentary.

I'm looking forward to seeing this movie, and I'd love to see it help bring people together to solve energy problems.

I've been part of a discussion group on thermal solar energy for several years, and for the most part, the AGW folks and the rationalists get along pretty well until someone posts an article that's unrelated to solar thermal energy (other than maybe advocating for it). Then the knives come out, and people that would otherwise help another person overcome a technical issue they're experiencing just ignore the posts of political opponents.

Yes! I've been having conversations about energy with various people over the past 2 days. HOpe this comes my way - here or in Maine.


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