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Things I am Sick of...

America's Obsession with the magic wand.

  • There are about 14.5 million unemployed people in america today,
  • Something more than 40 million people live below the povery line in this country

Yet every time a case is brought into the public eye about the way people are hurting, the media gives them a house and a job and computer and a sack of Cash. And then we all smile like we just solved a problem. Thats what happend after a recent 60 minutes piece on Newton, Iowa and talked to a young woman that had to drop out of college after her father lost her job. Now we see the same thing happening with the man with the golden voice.

"Need proof that great things can happen in America? Look no further." - Matt Lauer Want evidence of how the recession is actually effectign people? We just erased it.

"God Bless" Mr williams, but he is no Captain Sully. I hope does well and maybe says something about everyone else out there hurting in the face of a huge money grab by the super rich over the last 2 years.

BTW Record Profits this year!



...huge money grab by the super rich over the last 30 years.


...historically unprecedented grab for money and power by the super rich over the last 30 years.

Fixed more

...huge money grab by the super rich over the last 30,000 years, since Ugg the Alpha Male claimed the entire tribe's food supply as his own.

Fixed again.

The richest 1% owning and controlling almost everything in our society isn't anything new, and it's just something our species has to grow out of, like taking the members of other human groupings as slaves, the worship of imagined deities, and the subordination of females.

But I might be getting a little too big-picture...

In democracy after a hundred years you have to let your slaves go. And after a hundred and fifty years you have to let your women vote. And at the beginning of democracy is quite a bit of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

~Kurt Vonnegut on the Daily Show

Thanks for articulating the magic wand. I anticipated the magic wand/feel good arc this story would take within 15 seconds of reading the first headline I saw about it, and it nauseated me. Those homeless with slightly less than golden voices? Well, f**k 'em.

The thing is, voice over work is a very competitive field. Imagine being some voice over artists who has attended all the right schools and kissed all the right asses just to see this guy get work through some cheap Horatio Alger publicity stunt. Or what about all the other homeless people who weren't blessed with a good set of pipes. It's not that I'm not happy to see this guy off the streets, but stories like this have the effect of minimizing -- indeed, glorifying our lopsided wealth distribution.

I bet this has to do with the American dream. Use this story and sort of tell people: see everyone can make it.

even if they can't


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