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The Frontier Is Everywhere

This is a fan film celebrating Sagan, NASA, and human potential.



Thanks for this posting, Red. The Man was an inspirational genius and, as can be seen in this video, an optimist of the most rational kind.

It's a nice sentiment, but NASA's mission is to serve the military industrial complex, not peaceful scientific exploration.

Total bummer dude

Sorry for harshing your mellow.

thanks, saw this somewhere else and sent it to a bunch of friends/family.

re: bigdaddy and frenetics comments: ditto, and ditto, but let us not lose hope!

remember, some of the most useful scientific discoveries have been made in the service of the "industrial/military complex". lsd, for instance... well, i don't actually think hoffman was shooting for a weaponized version of the drug, but the cia/"omega:ultra" certainly played a big part in "turning on america", and the world, which as i've said before is a good thing imo, though accomplished with the most fiendish of intentions by the most fiendish of organizations. so, nasa may still have it's uses...

Some might say we went to the Moon because of the Cold War, but... we went to the fucking Moon, one way or another. It still shows humanity what they are capable of if they pull their heads out of their asses for just a minute. And I doubt it was like (most of) the scientists cared about WHY the politicians let them achieve what they achieved. To the people who actually did all the hard work, it was a genuine noble endeavor, and it had next to nothing to do with the hegemonistic pissing-match going on between the powers that be.

At least, that's what I tell myself...

i'm a huge fan of the audio from this video, however I preferred the original version of it with the time-lapse footage to this NASA footage version.

And even with that version I thought the visuals weren't the equal of the audio. The edit of his words coupled with the scoring is just perfect. It's a tall order to come up with adequate imagery, clearly.


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