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Ricky Gervais: Atheism Shouldn't Offend - CNN

Clip From Atheist Media Blog



Gervais looks too serious and a bit defensive. He should get on Maher's show and unwind for all the crap he's been taking for his hilarious awards presentation. Much like Colbert, he wasn't playing for the house, he was playing for the TV audience.

Yeah, he was mocking them and he was a little offended. He should have just said. People need to be offended from time to time. It's not a big deal.

I watched last years and liked it quite a bit, hilarious. This years wasn't funny to me (in most places).

I tried to find the reason for this over the last week and I think I know now. Last year, he did the same basic joke, making fun of things, but he was including the audience in the joke, like if you were making fun of actors at an actor party. "actors really are the most important people, aren't they? wink"

This year it was like a drunk uncle talking about your mom's teenage abortion at Thanksgiving. Most of the humor wasn't funny unless you have a beef with 'rick people' (I've been reading comments on you tube snaps of it)

Robert Downey Jr is a friend of a friend. Is a congenial guy that can certainly laugh at himself and his own life, and his description of the proceedings was accurate: "Aside from the fact that it's been hugely mean-spirited with mildly sinister undertones, I'd say the vibe of the show is pretty good so far, wouldn't you?"

Nailed it.

not 'rick people' but 'rich people' grin

The Robert Downey Jr joke was the one I found truely unfunny. There are plenty of people that wrestle with demons and are huge assholes that screw over everyone in their lives. Downey has always struck me as a smart,talented, and likable guy. Nothing like stabbing him in the eye right before he walks on stage.

Lettterman's take on it. These guys are comedians' comedians. There are already "Team Gervais" groups popping up, like when Conan/Leno had their "feud". It only gets funnier when these things happen among comics.

The vibe of the show just wasn't fun.

I keep hearing about how celebrities need to have thick skins. I know celebrities. They have very thick skins. What I don't get is how making fun of a person's addiction (right as they walk on stage)is funny. Or how a fat guy ate the cast of LOST. How did that even make sense?

I didn't hear all the jokes, cause FSM forbid I watch an awards show. I usually watch the funny intro of the emmys depending on who's hosting (Conan's was hilarious a few years back), and the funny bits when the comedy-variety categories are presented.

So, yeah, he probably crossed the line one or three times there, but one is bound to sooner or later if you like to push it, and who better than comedians to do it. All in all, the reaction to it was WAY overblown.

And I liked the "mean" Tim Allen dig there.

People need to be offended from time to time. It's not a big deal.

like, say, by hijacking a thread? :)

That is one way.

btw, i've always appreciated and even respected the combative "we're not gonna take it anymore!" atheist "attitude" that 1gm has pretty much stuck to since i first started reading it- still do- while always being, myself, more of the "live and let live" type- at least as far as my "advice" to atheists here is concerned :)- but gervais sounds to me here like an island of sanity. the slight defensiveness someone above picked up on (i saw it too, but very slight, i think) comes, i assume, from his currently being in the middle of a huge shitstorm of criticism and having to walk that hard, lonely road/fine, thin line between remaining true to yourself and maintining and furthering a burdgeoning career.

i think the guy is tops, and he's still tops, under what must be tremendous pressure, and i take my hat off to him.

Well, he did get paid a whole bunch for that pressure. And if he dishes pressure, he can take pressure. Right? ;)

I do like his stance on religious people being offended, though, and I did like his humor at last years show. (you can youtube all these, btw.)


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